Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Prepare yourselves, invisible readers.  I stayed home today and Tom took a turn at the hospital.  While I lazed about, eating bonbons and reading romance novels, TOM HELD JANE!


She loved it, of course.  Jane went from 61% oxygen to 52% while she was on him, and got down to 47% by the time he left.  She's already a daddy's girl.

Saint Papa Joel took this pic.  The chair has straps on it (originally for "confused nanas" as some of the younger nurses call them), and Joel thinks it's soooo funny to suggest, every single time he helps us kangaroo, that Jane and I need to be strapped down.  So of COURSE he had to set this shot up for my amusement, and I now present it for yours.  

Tom spent the whole time telling Jane stories, mostly about our idiot pets, and what her room is like and all the great things Sarah's going to help her learn to do.  And that he's dedicating his new novel to her and everyone at the ICN.  *sniff*

I'll give you all a moment to find a tissue and compose yourselves...

Okay, then.

Jane is 11 weeks old today.  Can you believe it?  I can't.  I honestly can't.  And what's more, she's still two weeks from her due date.  Crazy.

She weighed six pounds even this morning.  Six!  She's more than tripled her birth weight.  Of course, shortly after Awesome Nurse Katie weighed her this morning she had what was described as a "two-nurse poop".  Total blow-out, necessitating a complete wardrobe and bedding change.   I bet it'll take her a couple days to get the weight back.  Still.  She's just three ounces shy of Sarah's birthweight and Sarah was eight days late.  Dudes, she's huge.  How cool is that?


Rachel said...

Yay! There's nothing quite like daddy snuggling time! I'm sure that Tom loved it as well.

artandsoul said...

Completely cool! The whole thing - what a post! What a day!