Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh, Winter, With Your Quirky Sense Of Humor

Honestly, invisible peeps.  I live in northern New England.  I KNOW it's going to snow before Halloween.  But October 13th?  Really?  We've had snow on the mountaintops for a week or more, but I'm NOT ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN.

The view Saturday:

Aaand the view this morning:

This kind of thing is EXACTLY why my mom no longer lives up here.

Awesome Nurse Karen was cracking me up today.  She lurves our girl, and gets all excited when Jane's awake and alert.  She was describing the face Jane makes when she's concentrating and looked up and saw me listening and pointed: "Like that!  Just like that!"  And did it again when she was describing Jane's frowny face.  Apparently my monkey brain is in full gear and can't not mimic people.  Ooh, banana!

So the takeaway seems to be that Jane looks mostly like Tom but has my dad's eyes and my facial expressions.  And my weird toes.  Musn't forget the toes.  Oh, and Tom's mom's fingers -- another pianist in the family?  The real question, of course, is what position she'll play once she's on the soccer team.  She's pretty compact -- I'm thinking halfback.  (Don't tell Tom; he wants the girls to be tennis players.  Whatevs.)

Oh, hey, and about that vent switch thingy.  They gave Jane a day off from the weaning today, so pencil us in for Thursday.  Friday would be a safer bet.  Okay, see you Saturday, then!


Anonymous said...

Tia - I admit it. I'm a secret blog reader and smiling every day when I check in and see baby Jane's progress. So much for New England sports teams and snow in early October. We're so proud of your baby girl. -- Annie

artandsoul said...

I live in Florida, and we've had afternoons in the 90's this week and honestly if I could I would BE in Vermont.

We're all keeping our fingers crossed for a weekend low of 50!

Oh and by the way - I love the pictures of your awesome girl...she's a beaut and she certainly does seem to be getting stronger!

I've been cleaning out my attic for the last few days and getting very slowed down by going through boxes and boxes of pictures. Reliving the childhood of my girls...and well, it goes by pretty fast.

Keeping you all in my prayers!