Monday, October 5, 2009

A Random Assortment of Images

I have no coherent post.  Instead, pictures!  In the order in which they were taken!  Evidence of almost-coherent thought!

Jane had her hair washed this morning.  I have no idea why.  Apparently there wasn't a lot going on.  Look how long her hair's gotten:

This next one is for Bess (hi, bess!), by special request.  Jane's cute bum!  The real point, though, is the birthmark.  Yeah, you all think it's funny now.  You're not going to be dealing with the annual screeching of a hormonal teenager demanding plastic surgery before bikini season.  Actually, it's a lot lighter than when she was born.  I don't think it's faded, it's just the same spot spread over a larger area.

More thumb-sucking, just 'cause.

Snoogly-time.  (Self-portrait, yo.  Check out my mad iPhone skillz.)

And the cherry on the sundae of a darned nice day, a rainbow.  Aw!

Tomorrow, possibly a post with, like, stuff going on.  Dream big!


annachorn said...

If she's wearing a bikini that shows THAT birthmark, she's going to be arrested, unless she's at a nude beach. And, obviously no question she's comfy and cozy snuggling with Mom. Another great mother and daughter pic. Rainbow is a perfect photo finish. This is more than enough going on for me. Let's keep these "nothing going on" moments continuing all the way to Christmas!!!!

artandsoul said...

Great stuff - wonderful pictures. Prayers continue!