Monday, January 11, 2010


We're here! Well, Sarah and I are. Superquick stop at the hospital to drop off milk (can you believe they were out today of all days?) and pick up the last of Jane's stuff and we were off to Bahston. Jane was chilling on the playmat with Awesome Nurse Bethany, so the girls got to really play together for the first time. I don't know how much Jane enjoyed it, but Sarah got a kick out of it.

Tomorrow (TOMORROW) is on like Donkey Kong. As of 3:00 EST Jane was to go down in the ambulance (I know). I now officially have a bone to pick with our otherwise groovy hospital. Awesome Nurse Kristy had VOLUNTEERED to come in on her day off to be able to travel down with Jane and make sure she had a familiar face with her. And they're not letting her, supposedly because they don't want to pay the overtime, BUT they would have been happy to pay her the very same overtime (and more of it) to work a full shift on the floor.

Rotten, bureaucratic, heartless bastards. They'll pay a full overtime shift to have a nurse on the floor for babies too young to see her, but they won't pay her for a partial day for a baby who knows her well and DOESN'T LIKE STRANGERS and is on her way to a scary new place.


I'm outie. Big day tomorrow. First on the list: reacquainting myself with driving Boston's charmingly unnavigable streets. Fortunately, my amazing sister has taken time off work to accompany me to the hospital. Friendly faces -- Jane's not the only one who needs 'em.


Karen said...

Heartless is right! How could they do that to poor little Jane? I'm sending tons of hugs and prayers that the transfer goes smoothly and she gets settled quickly into Boston. Good luck, Tia!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about all of you...

Meredith said...

Will be thinking about Jane's cushy lovely ambulance ride tomorrow. Hope all goes SWIMMINGLY. And the expertise just rains down on top of you.

Love, Mer

artandsoul said...

Hopefully Jane will be rather out of it for the ride, so she'll sleep the whole way.

(I've found that my kids who do sleep on car trips are far more fun to travel with - just saying)

Glad you and Sarah are there and I'm especially glad that you have family there to snoogle you!!

Hugs and prayers heading your way!


Grace said...

Boo for pennypinchers! And I'm unreasonably disappointed that I won't be able to wave to a helicopter going by overhead.

Prayers have been said and candles lit!