Thursday, January 21, 2010

Very Special Guest Appearances

Special Guest Stars in the house!

Awesome Grandma Susan!

And Awesome Nurse/BFF Angela! (I'm pretty sure Jane saw Angela and thought, "Where the heck have you BEEN?" But forgave her when she saw the rockin' onesies crafty Angela whipped up for her -- pictures to come, don't you worry.)

Mom hadn't seen Jane since HALLOWEEN. She's twice as old and twice as big. I mean that literally. Mathematically, Jane is now almost exactly twice as old and easily twice as big as she was then. Kiddo was weighed last night for the first time since she's been in Boston, and she's 5.5 kilos (that's 12 pounds, 2 ounces in American). But then she had an enormously wet diaper after getting some diuretics and an enema that finally did the job, and she's still swollen from the last week's excitement and treatment, so her actual weight is probably closer to an even 5 kilos/11 pounds. In October she was three months old and... oh, wait. I just looked back and she was nearly seven pounds then. Well, darn near doubled in size, anyway. Must you people be so particular about the details?

She started her methadone last night and wow, does that stuff work! They need to fine tune the dosage, though. Her heartrate went down into the 70s today after she got a some into her system. Two weeks ago her baseline when asleep was the 130s. Yeah. Good stuff, that.

I think Jane was really happy to have the company (as was I, as if the tone of this post doesn't make that clear), but she's still so sensitive that the excitement pushed her oxygen all the way back up to 100% toward the end of the visit (she was back down to 70 soon before we left and has stayed there since). But she's definitely making some gains: she doesn't need extra oxygen for normal cares (diaper change and suctioning and that sort of thing) for the first time since she got here, and she's moving around and watching everyone and making her likes and dislikes ABUNDANTLY clear. She wakes up for each shift change, and the nurses swear she's counting heads. They're learning -- you can't put anything over on our girl.

Those cheeks! Don't you just want to get in there and munch? My yummy little sumo girl.


Anonymous said...

Now that's the kind of day that we want you to be having! Yay!

tt Vanilla

Meredith said...

Aw, she's GORGEOUS! And she looks so delightfully perky! So glad to hear about a day that buoyed you up so much. Yay for visitors! Yay Jane!

Raspberry said...

That is the cutest picture. How can they keep getting cuter? What a great day.

She is a smart cookie, that one. Counting heads, I'm sure.

mommatosena said...

JANE you ROCK!! keep 'em on their toes....this tells me that she is feeling better with the new environment and has gotten past what ever was making her feel crummy....and yeah for methadone which I am told is quite common and much easier to wean from and that is the goal. Glad that the nurses are starting to get to know her better as they now can see what a fighter she is and will behave accordingly! Yeah for visitors and soo glad to hear you feeling a bit better with all the new! Prayers as always for healing and peace! and YES I want to climb through my screen and just munch her up!

artandsoul said...

Sounds like a great day all ‘round! Wonderful people, some good progress on the weaning and topped off with cheeky-cuteness! You’re doing a great job of shepherding Jane through this move, Tia! Hope the weekend is more of this same kind of goodness!