Thursday, January 14, 2010

Footloose and Photo Free

Let's just jump right into it, shall we? Our girl had another rough night last night (still more of the same -- no need to fret), and the team realized that most of Jane's troubles seem to stem from her own initiated breaths. She did fine with what the vent was doing, but when she tried to breathe for herself it sort of tripped her up and led to more desats, so they decided to take Jane's work out of the equation. How can they accomplish such a thing? They PARALYZE her. How 'bout them apples? So she's getting IV fluids and nutrition through her new central line, as well as a drip of the paraylitc and Versed (a sedative specifically for patients on ventilators) and morphine.

They were planning on going ahead with the cardiac consult this afternoon, starting with an echocardiogram. I will, of course, let you know what comes out of that when I find out.
They cultured some of the mucous from her trach, and it looks like she may have a staph infection. Ugh.

Amazingly, wonderfully, she was doing better when I called this afternoon than when I spoke to the doctor this morning. They've been able to wean her oxygen down to 60% when they haven't needed to bump it up for suctioning or when she desats. After many weeks of favoring her right side, she's happier on her left, so they're letting her hang out that way. I brought in her beloved Birdie yesterday, which I'm hoping is giving her some much-needed companionship while I'm unable to be there with her.

"What's that?" you say. Yeah, well, looks like Sarah's caught herself her very own bug, with a fever and a cough and sleepless nights. So I'm hanging out with her rather than adding to Jane's already heavy plate. (Jane's cultures came back negative for influenza [and, so far, everything else, except the staph], so at least I don't have to freak out about that.) So no pictures today. I don't have any Awesome Guest Photographers helping me out yet.

Speaking of whom, I have to tell you guys that Stellar Nurse Angela drove all the way to Boston to surprise me at the hospital today. Can you beat it? Of course, I wasn't there. But it was such a boost to my spirits to hear from her (and listen to her try to navigate the streets of Beantown on her cell phone with the GPS bleating in protest in the background). I'm extremely happy to have Jane at Boston while she deals with all of the crap being thrown at her, but I don't think it's possible she'll ever have nurses that begin to match her truly awesome crew back north.


Meredith said...

Stellar Nurse Angela made me cry... that's so wonderful.

But oh, honey, what a crappy sitch for all of you. I really will crank up my good-health wishes, they clearly are malfunctioning.

Thinking about you, hard.

mommatosena said...

OH no poor Sarah!! That stinks I hope your older pumpkin is feeling like her rowdy self and jumping the couch and tooting soon! As for Nurse Angela (who I am sure is reading along! YOU ROCK SISTAH!! and those navigation ladies are nasty! you have made an illegal are doing this suck....that is all mine ever did...she landed in the street sad and lonely!) Angela your dedication to your patients is what makes you tops at your job.

As for sounds like she is in good hands and getting great care and getting agressive forward moving treatment.

Prayers for strength and patience and as always fix baby quickly!!

Raspberry said...

Nurse She probably misses Jane and loves her so much.

artandsoul said...

Lots of love and prayers aplenty going out to you all tonight. I don't know how you do it!!

Snuggle with your Sarah Bear and hope she feels better soon. This can't be easy on any of you.

I just hope the Nurses and Doctors at Boston know what a very special Girl they have with their new patient - and that lots of invisible eyes are on her care!

Kudos to Awesome Angela - Angel Nurse!

Sleep well - deep breaths - gain strength - and I hope tomorrow brings good news on all fronts.


Tom said...

I am so glad Jane is in Boston. Right now it is exactly what she needs. I am sleeping better knowing she is there but for one thing: her primary nurses.

Part of me regrets that we didn't show up to Boston with Jane's posse of nurses and let them just take over the NICU. Angela: okay, we're going to need and go ahead push her bed back against this window. Christie: Okay, we got this. Can someone get some music in here, please? You know how Miss Jane likes her music. Allie and Donna and Liza making sure our diva has her space and everyone understands what she needs. Loving Boston but missing all Jane's extended family in Hanover.


Jessica said...

Don't you fret, the nurses will soon get to know Jane and you guys. We got a great crew of Boston nurses as primaries who remidn us of our Dartmouth primaries. We totally miss our ICN nurses still and it was hard to adjust at first. They will spoil her soon enough, just wait. I will have my nurse today give jane one of jacob's radios. We have my iPod I got him full of classical music as well as the Play Lady here gave him a radio. I will send the radio over to Miss Jane to help comfort her :-)
I am here for you if you have any questions or need a shoulder or person to talk to. I know what you are going through and did this same path already (minus the cardio) with the Mr Man. Dr LR and the team here will work hard to help Miss Jane fight this and get better. They will do their best to fix her :-)