Saturday, January 23, 2010


Guest Photog: Big Daddy

Jane had a very nice day today, and Tom, exercising some mad daddy skills, got her from 85% to 55% during his visit. Pretty slick, eh?

The really exciting news? Jane POOPED. I know, I know, the fabulosity of this blog has reached heights not previously dreamed of. The poor kid has just been so backed up. Three glycerin suppositories, two enemas, and Miralax have finally cleaned her out, thank god. And they're going to start her on a regular prune juice regimen. PRUNE JUICE. There's something so tragically hilarious about that. Prune juice. I don't know, maybe I've completely lost it, but that's making me giggle. Good grief. I need to go to bed.


Raspberry said...

Maybe you need a nap? :-)

I realized I have no idea what or how Jane does eat, besides breast milk. What other exciting beverages are part of her life right now? Foods? Doritos? Sushi? :-)

Now who's a little silly and giddy?

Karen said...

Before I had children, I would never have dreamed how much I would discuss poop!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, poop! I'm excited. It's sad how much time you can spend thinking about poop with kids, but this sounds awesome to me.

tt vanilla

Anonymous said...

.............poop is an important part of eating and just don't understand how essential until you've experienced the wrath of not pooping! Yeah for Jane!

Meredith said...

Wow, what a gorgeous photo! The cheeks are (justly) famous, of course, but look at that CHIN! Those eyes!

artandsoul said...

Great photo - and hey if you've got kids you've GOT to have poop!!

I love this kid - she is really amazing. Really!

I'm off to Ireland tonight, should be landing in Dublin around 2:30 pm EST on Monday. I'll check in from there.

So y'all play nice - and by the way did I say how cute that photo is?? She is adorable!

(p.s. Prayers are not letting up, just because I'm traveling! It will keep me busy on the plane!)

Anonymous said...

Great photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that was from Mary Lou