Sunday, January 10, 2010

This And That

Quite a packed day today.

First, the girls and I spent the morning doing this:

Okay, okay, we weren't exactly voguing, but the volunteer photographer did come in again and for once I was able to get there in time for it. I should have the photos tomorrow to present for your viewing pleasure.

Afterwards, while Jane did this:

Sarah and I did this:

Jane woke up, and Sarah helped her with this:

For a little while, Jane looked like this:

But then she started to do this:

And as Sarah and I walked out the door, she was doing this:

And that was that. It was a pretty nice day.

"Wait!" I can hear you all say, "What about the medical stuff? What are the doctors saying? What's the haps?"

Well, to be honest, the doctors are all holding their collective breath (hmm, perhaps not the best analogy in the present circumstances) while we wait for Boston. Which is happening... TUESDAY. Barring weather issues, etc. And it looks like she might be getting a helicopter ride! Barring weather issues, etc.

So I've been scurrying around like a crazed squirrel, gathering this and laundering that and packing packing packing. I took down most of the photos from Jane's bedspace today, and I've packed up almost all of her personal belongings, except for clothing. Tomorrow is a Biggish Day for me and Sarah -- we're heading down to Boston tomorrow so I can be waiting at the Big City Hospital when our girl swoops in on the Actual Big Day.

I admit it, I got a little teary taking down Jane's photo gallery. Except for the hour during which she got her CT scan and, of course, her actual birth, she has spent her entire life in that unit. Five and a half MONTHS. I'm going to miss all these people more than I can begin to express. Of course Jane's coming back, but saying goodbye to Awesome Nurse Kristy today really felt like we were saying, you know, Goodbye.

I'm going to wrap this thing up so I can pack this laptop (yay technology!) and, for tonight at least, that will finally be that.


mommatosena said...

Yes a bittersweet parting I am sure! I can hardly believe that you have been on this rollercoaster for 5.5 mos! and still seem sane...Sarah looks like she is a pro at paci holding and her little finger prolly fits perfectly in the little hole! I hope that weather issues don't get in the way of the big move tomorrow and that it's smooth sailing as you and Sarah transition to the south. Honestly I am greatful for a day of no medical stuff and just packing and story reading. Prayers for safe helicopter rides and fix baby quick and easy!

artandsoul said...

Wow... I don't think I had focused on that part of this amazing journey. The move.

Change is scary - even good change!

Have a safe trip and I hope you feel the support of all the prayers and vibes coming your way. Let's see if it has any affect on the weather!!

p.s. I'll be lighting more candles here... my little prayer space is going to look like a veritable Church altar!