Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Very Special Bonus Post

It is my great delight to inform you all that Jane's six year old cousin, my niece and goddaughter, the fabulous TESS... lost her first tooth today! Being the excellent auntie I am, I shamelessly bribed her with a guest appearance on the blog so that she'd let her parents yank that sucker out of her mouth.

And here she is, gorgeously gaptoothed:

Isn't she a sight?

It was a marvelous evening of tension and anticipation and release and laughter and delight, and a wonderful way to end our day.


Rachel said...

Marvelous indeed!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely girl Tess is, and what a ray of sunshine when needed.

Vibes to Jane.

Dale TT

mommatosena said...

LOVE thoes toothless grins!

Renee said...

Has she learned to spit through the gap yet?

artandsoul said...

Wonderful photo! Your family is simply filled to the brim with beautiful, amazing girls!! How awesome!

tia said...

Spitting through the gap! Oh, I've got to figure out how to teach her that. My sister will just LOVE me for that one.

Cindy, if you can believe it, there are another TEN gorgeous girl cousins on Tom's side of the family (and four handsome boys). We are brimming with beauty.