Tuesday, January 12, 2010


(Photos by Awesome Nurse Jessica)

I don't think today could have gone much better.

How 'bout that for an opener?

Seriously. For all my fretting and worrying, the transfer was as smooth as Jane's own cheek. From what I was told, she slept most of the way. The trip took about two hours and fifteen minutes (practically no traffic! in Boston!). I wish I could have been there to see her all strapped in. I don't know if she got to see anything of the outdoors or if she was awake to feel the cold January air. But it really doesn't matter. Awesome Nurse Jessica and Awesome RT Fitzy got our girl there in fine shape and YAY.

My Awesome Sister drove into the city with me to help me figure out the lay of the land and thank GOD. I am such a country mouse. This hospital... I mean... it's gargantuan. Ginormous. People, it is really really big. Ten stories of people and technology dedicated to nothing but making sick kids better.

There's a library. There are laundry rooms. There are therapy dogs in the halls and funky art on the walls. It was amazing. Overwhelming. I had no idea.

So we wandered in, found the NICU on the seventh floor, went back to the main floor to get a truly atrocious photo ID made (not being modest here -- it's awful), explored a little, and went to Bertucci's for lunch (behind Fenway -- it was SUCH a Boston moment). Afterward we met up with a friend from our lovely, comforting and familiar hospital which I used to think was so big and impressive (her son was transferred down a couple months ago for similar issues to Jane's), and she showed us around.

Jenny and I went back to the car to drop off some stuff we'd been lugging around (the fancy-pants Boston hospital has its own pumps -- WHO KNEW?) and then... JANE ARRIVED.

I had to wait in the hall for approximately two years before they had her settled in. I have the sniffles (again, dammit) and was afraid they weren't going to let me in. They're a little more hardcore than our friends up north. But they did (with a mask, of course), and there she was, and she looked GREAT and the transfer team that came down with her was all smiley and happy and it was such a relief to have those worries come to nothing.

Tomorrow? Who knows what tomorrow might bring. Jane's safely tucked into her new bed (see above: a little white crib just like the one Awesome Nurse Kristy took her out of this weekend, ahem!) and for now all's well with my world.


MiHae Hooper said...

Oh, thank goodness. So glad to hear she has safely arrived. We're keeping you in our thoughts on Winter Street! MiHae

Anonymous said...

We're so happy she made the trip safe and sound. We think she liked the trip through NH. If you need a pit stop, or Sarah needs a playdate, stop by anytime. YEAH Boston! -- Annie and Greg

Meredith said...

Yay for swimmingly! Yay! Hope you get good sleep tonight, big day tomorrow.

mommatosena said...

Just the update I was praying for and the pics of a content roadie Jane are like a cherry atop a sundae! I am sure that tomorrow you will be an action packed day! Yeah for Boston I second that sentiment!

Cate said...


Raspberry said...

Photos of Jane never fail to make me teary and shmooshy. I love the slightly concerned looking one on top: "Uh...where am I going exactly?"

A pox on the house of the financial people at the old hospital.

Janey! Welcome to Boston, sweet girl!

artandsoul said...

Fantastic! She looks marvelous and I'm so glad you all will have the benefits of all that great-big-children's-hospital-goodness!

Oh, and thank god for sisters! :)

Take care, love and prayers heading up to you all - grateful that such vibes don't have to navigate ginormous hallways!