Friday, January 1, 2010

A Good Start

And we're off!

Jane had a lovely quiet night; she had a tub (for the first time in ages -- she really needed it) and slept all night with nothing but a little Tylenol to help with any residual pain for the prolapse.

She went ahead and had a good day, too. She's down to 4 on the nitric, they'll go down to 2 tomorrow, then 1 on Sunday and let her sit there a couple of days before they try to turn it off. They've got her on the lowest sildenafil dosage, so they can go up on that if she seems to need a little something more.

We had another (hour-long) family meeting this afternoon. Dr. R is very confident that she's got the right version of events from Wednesday, and we're buying it. She also said she was more than happy to have a consult with Boston, but only if it was going to do her good. That's a big trip south for her, and at this point there's no suggestion that there's anything specific that they could do for Jane that can't be done up here. So we're going to continue with the wait and see approach.

Dr. R did a pretty good job of talking us down. She really does seem optimistic about Jane's prospects and emphasized again that Jane will do a lot better at home. And that her main issue right now is the pulmonary hypertension, and that managing it is the top concern for the next few months, so Jane's comfort is the thing that's going to make the biggest difference for her. If she's comfortable, she won't stress her heart. And when her lungs heal, her heart will heal.

So there you go. Jane's on the mend, we're staying put, and once this nitric thing is resolved we start to work on the Going Home Plan.

You heard it here first.


artandsoul said...

Wow - that's a nice start to the New Year!

And a particularly adorable picture of our girl - she looks relaxed and happy, like she did indeed have a good night!

Now, how about a good hot tub for you? And a good nights sleep? How does that sound?

Rachel said...

Yay! A good start to the year indeed!

mommatosena said...

A tub can heal what's ailling always! She is looking in the camera as if to say finally I am ready to meet my public!! Glad that you are sitting tight and I think that the mention of Home! not H but actually saying home is the best part of all the news!! I love that everyone is starting to see a finish line on travels and seperation of a family! That is what I continue to pray for everyone under the same roof!!!

artandsoul said...