Saturday, January 2, 2010

For Comparisons' Sake

We're semi-snowed in and it looks like we will be until Monday. But word from the hospital is that Jane's doing fine. Nurse Angela the Oxygen Slayer (why, yes, I am watching a Buffy marathon while I write) got Jane down to 36%, and has been under 42 all day.

Sarah's class has been all about the babies this year, what with new arrivals and pregnant moms and so on, and she wanted to see baby pictures of herself. Which got me curious about what Sarah was looking like and doing at 10 weeks (Jane's corrected age).

Sarah's journal (I've been keeping a daily journal for each of the girls since birth -- I could never keep a diary for more than a week, so I'm pretty proud of this) tells me that at ten weeks she was discovering her hands and feet and getting very interested in her toys. She had a Skwish she was just starting to deliberately bring to her mouth and a Whoozit she LOVED to stare at and bat. She was also into her tunes and watching people. Oh, and at one point Sarah's hair was distinctly ginger. And she also weighed around 10 lbs at 8 weeks, so Jane isn't too far behind there (she hit 10 pounds on the 30th).

The only significant difference between the girls at this point? The smiling. Sarah smiled ALL the time. Jane? Not so much.

Overall, I think Jane's doing pretty well developmentally, given all's she's had to deal with.

Not bad, kiddo. Not bad at all.


artandsoul said...

As a second child, I would like to just say that I didn't smile as much as my older brother. I think I was a bit overwhelmed by all the commotion. Hmmmm.


Cute pix of your two girlies! They're both pretty darn adorable!

Renee said...

I also wonder how much of Jane's smiles may be hidden by the steroid weight? It's easy to see a "smile" when the lips don't have to lift 5 pounds of water weight.