Friday, January 22, 2010

Very Special Guest Appearances, Part The Second

More visitors? Can it be true?

Yes! And best of all, one of the visitors is an invisible reader revealed! I was delighted to finally meet the fabulous Sue, aka Raspberry. How cool is that?

Jane, displaying her usual acumen, LOVED her. They got in some good hand cuddles, and shortly thereafter Sue had Jane blissed out and under her sway by way of an excellent head massage. The woman has a magic touch, and I think the hospital should seriously consider putting her on staff as an infant sleep therapist.

And guess who else came over to play?

Sarah was unbelievably well-behaved. Granted, she's a pretty good kid in general and Awesome Nurse Alyssa was enormously helpful with the kid-wrangling, but she was a superstar today. (I told her just that while we were in the pumping room and she said, "Actually, I'm a superHERO!" Yes, you are. I think someone needs her very supercape.)

Sarah scored all kinds of loot from Sue and the lovely play lady and even the promised challah (holla!) from Awesome Rabbi Susan.

It was a very nice day indeed. Jane was just as well-behaved as her sister, and made her SIX MONTH BIRTHDAY as good as I could have hoped for.

You read that right, invisible readers. You've been on this ride with me for six months. SIX. MONTHS. SIX! Can you believe it? I mean, how that is factually possible is entirely beyond my ability to comprehend, so I'm not even going to try. Well, I guess Jane was actually, what, fifteen days old when I fired this thing up, and I don't believe five and a half months is a recognized anniversary anywhere. Not even Hallmark has a card for that. But the baby, the baby is six months old and holy cow. Who could have guessed this is how we'd get here?


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Jane!! Getting to know you these past 6 months has truly been a privilege. You probably have no idea how many people you have touched in such a short are a very special little girl. And your parents and sister are pretty're lucky, too!!

MiHae Hooper said...

Happy 6 month Birthday Baby Jane! So glad to hear it was a calm, sweet day. Yeah!!

artandsoul said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to you Dear Jane!! Six months is quite the milestone ... and I'm glad your big sis was there to celebrate with you.

Some great pictures there - and what a blissful child indeed!

Here's hoping for more days like this one!

Meredith said...

Happy half-birthday, Jane! How fantastic that Sarah could be there, and of course Sue too.

It's been quite a half-year, hey? Unbelievable.

Hooray for a nice day with the lovely baby.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who can believe it! Happy 6 months to Jane!

tt Vanilla

ali smolenski said...

Happy 6 months beautiful Jane! .........I miss you! and am thinking of you, (ps....jane don't listen to those nurses, they can't hold your binky as good as your primary nurses at DHMC!!! :)
Many warm thoughts, and prayers to you and your amazing family.
ali s.

mommatosena said...

Yeah for head massages that conk a baby out! Super yeah for a superHERO Sarah! and Holy 6 months batgirl!! You are loved and thought about by more people than you can imagine! Loads of prayers as always to you and your clan! Tia I sense a load more patience in your posts so it seems that you have found some extra lying around! Good for you! Hoping that this trend is only forward moving from here and that the Denver protocol and Methadone are just what are needed.

Raspberry said...

I would like to provide expert eyewitness testimony to the fact that Sarah was, indeed, a superstar. She was calmly playing with her tiny little American Girl diorama-tape cardboard thingie when I came in. She was the calmest, most cooperative, sweetest 3-year-old ever.

Wow, I have to admit I am lovin' that picture of Jane blissfully asleep. I couldn't see her face the whole time I was rubbing her sweet little head.

Since loving touch is so important to people and especially to babies, I hereby volunteer to be Jane's personal touch therapist.

Six months. Holy cow. With all her struggles, she's just a bit lighter than my own little ones were at three months (which, adjusted age, is right on target). She's such a smartie, Such a wonder.

I know this is all going to be a long haul, especially for the next few months, but wow--I am honored to be along for the ride to see this beautiful girl, and your beautiful and strong family, unfold.

Cate said...

Happy happy birthday Jane!

I'm so glad you have people celebrating with you.

Cat said...

Happy Birthday Jane! It sounds like you had a great celebration.