Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chunky Monkey

I was realizing down at the hospital today that it's been a while since you've all seen the whole enchilada that is Jane. Behold! Nearly eleven pounds of delectable chub:

Jane and I got some snuggles in, although the breastfeeding didn't happen. We tried, but she just wanted to suck her pacifier. I tried letting her go with the paci for a while and then pull a switcheroo, but our girl was not deceived for more than a moment. She fell asleep shortly after I finally left her alone.

Later, Sarah got her little mitts on her sister. It was sweet and all, except for the part where Jane got all fidgety and started waking up and her oxygen went from 48% to 70%.

She had a pretty good day, no real spells (she did have one moment where she desatted and needed 100% oxygen to come up, but it only lasted for a minute and her oxygen went back down quickly). She was playing happily in her (big*) crib when we left, batting her toys and watching herself in the mirror.

Poor kid doesn't have a lot of reserve right now. She just needs to rest and regain her strength, but the one thing Boston is probably not going to be is restful. Exams and tests and strangers all up in her grill. I'm going to be honest here. I'm a little worried it's going to be hard on her. And here's an awful thing to have to say, but I hope they sedate the hell out of her. I want her to be stressed as little as possible, and maybe I'm underestimating her resilience here, but DRUGS. LOTS OF DRUGS.

* When we switched out the cribs yesterday, Donna was betting that they'd be switched back before the weekend was over. I do believe it was the very first thing Kristy did when she came on this morning.


artandsoul said...

Such a cutie pie. TWO such cutie pies!

What a day - including furniture moving! There's a part of me that thinks Jane won't even know she's in Boston, she's already used to so much change of pace and face!

But, I'm sure you're far more on target with that. How will she get to Boston? By air? Ambulance?

I bet they will do exactly what you think - sedation. Her resilience is fine, but it probably is a very good thing to keep her from being too stressed by the whole process.

Love the full body photo, by the way! Toes and all! She's really precious, and now that she's 11 pounds I can tell you that she now weighs 1/2 pound more than my youngest when she was born!!

Yes, you can say it - OUCH!


mommatosena said...

That is more like a beefy burrito! I can understand why you are nervous about everyone up in her grill but I am willing to bet there will be loads of sedation. I would imagine that most tests will require a quiet kiddo but don't underestimate her resilience she will do great. I think that most of this stuff is much harder on the parents as it's emotionally exhausting. Jane is a social bug and will probably welcome a change of scene and some new faces. It looks like Sarah could have rubbed the skin off of her sister if allowed. She is just oozing love for her and that is so sweet to see. I am impressed Cindy with the size of baby you hatched! Lots of cute layettes would have been left unworn I am sure! Prayers for patience and lots of restful sleep for the babe.

Karen said...

She's so cute! And how awesome is 11 pounds - good for Jane! Why on earth is hoping that they sedate her an awful thing to say? I can imagine most parents would want their child to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible during some scary tests. You're really going to have to work harder to catch up to me on the bad parenting...we gave children's gravol to Andrew when we went on an 8-hour flight so that he would sleep and not disturb everybody. Drugs, drugs, drugs!! It unfortunately didn't work so don't try it and actually just don't take an 18 month old on an 8-hour flight if you can avoid it. I read afterwards that it can have the reverse effect and make children!! Anyway, here's hoping Jane has some great rest for the next few days and no more crappy attacks and episodes.

Raspberry said...

Oh, Jane, indeed you are 11 lbs. of delectable chub just as your momma said. The thighs! The cheeks!

Tia, what *is* the transport situation to Boston--how will it happen? Super Jane-icopter?