Monday, January 4, 2010


I am pooped, peeps. Let's knock this one out and call it a night.

Jane had another crappy day, but it ended up... okay. Her poor little rectum almost prolapsed again (I SAW IT while I was changing her diaper -- and it's now at the top of the list of things I don't ever want to see again), and she was (understandably) freaking out whenever she was gassy or needed to poop, sending her oxygen all the way up to 100% and taking forever to come back down. Well, not forever, obviously, but it feels that way when you're staring at the monitor - staring at the baby - staring at the monitor - staring at the baby.

So Tom and I talked and we decided to ask them to bump the nitric back up to 10 (it went down to 1 yesterday, you'll recall) and she instantly started hisatting and her oxygen went from 60 to 45. She pinked up. She was resting quietly for the first time in hours. Of course, then she got fidgety and her Os went back to 60 -- but that had been her pattern lately. Oxygen in the 40s while sleeping, up to 60 when she got fussy or active.

But the attending -- you remember, Dr. Congenial -- is pretty worried about her and at tomorrow morning's team meeting before rounds he's going to bring up the question of sending her to Boston. Tom talked to Dr. Boston again tonight (the man's unbelievably generous with his time, and he's really invested in Jane) and the good doctor told Tom he wants to help. He wants to have weekly phone conferences with the team if they'll let him.

So. So. So, tomorrow we'll get the team's recommendation about Boston, and we'll make a decision based on that. Even if (IF) we do decide to send her down, she won't go before next week.

Oh, and they're consulting with a doctor of the innards to see if she has any insight into managing Jane's belly woes.

And something something else or something. I don't know. My brain is mush.

Wait! Silver lining: she breastfed today! For about 15 minutes, and I think she only quit because I pumped longer than I had intended to. So that's cool.

Sorry about the lack of pics, but to be honest, she looked like crap for much of the day. Puffy, and her coloring wasn't great. She wasn't up to any cute tricks, anyway.


artandsoul said...

Sweet little boo ... so sorry to hear she had a rough day. It's amazing what we humans can go through, and still have a fighting spirit and a laugh and a snooze at the end of the day.

I really admire your stamina, Tia! It has got to feel like a constant roller coaster and that must be hugely wearing! You and Tom make a great team for your girls and I wish you all the best.

As someone who went through a stint of having a loved one at a hospital in another city (3 1/2 months) with small children at home (and one on the way) I know it is not easy - what you're doing now, and what you're considering about Boston.

Take it slowly. Be willing to change your mind frequently. Trust your heart. Ask for help. Stop and rest when you need to. These are the things I continue to remember about that time in my life.



mommatosena said...

Cindy having been there done that has given FABULOUS words of advice! I am sorry that you aren't on a forward moving trend at the moment and I am exhausted just waiting for the days news but the breastfeeding for 15 min is a big yeah! As for the belly woes...I am only throwing this out as a nursing there anything in your diet aka dairy or something new that may be causing some of the belly woes I know they also have her on some new meds and perhaps they are to blame. I can't imagine the pain that goes along with a rectum prolapsing but just reading about it made me tuck my cheeks....huge hugs as you process all that is presently going on and as always love and prayers to you all.